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*** New Church Documents Proposed ***

A church is an organization and as such it has a set of rules and regulations by which it abides. Church constitutions lay the groundwork for the organization of the church leadership, elections, missions and other important matters of business. It defines the purpose of the church. It addresses the issues our church hopes to cover through its various ministries.  It also notes the church's legal status as a nonprofit, charitable organization. 

Your Council has been working very hard to not only update our constitution to be in agreement with the current ELCA model constitution, but also our bylaws and continuing resolutions to reflect how our church is currently being run and to align them with the structure of a purpose driven church. 

At the May 4, 2014 Congregation meeting the first vote of acceptance was received by a simple majority.  The next approval required will be at the Nov, 2014 Congregation meeting where the constitution will be presented again for the second vote which will require a two thirds vote acceptance.  Along with that the bylaws will be explained and presented for vote by a required one-half acceptance.  

Under our current constitution, continuing resolutions are the prerogative of the church council only (by majority vote) and not subject to congregational vote.  The November congregational meeting, therefore, will not include a vote to pass any continuing resolutions.


Sincerely,Carol Mainwaring

Congregation Council Secretary

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  I’m not very good at words, least of all putting my thoughts down on paper.  But I felt a calling to do so after our January 12th service.  In addition to the wonderful words from Pastor Jake’s sermon, I was overcome with joy and awe from the songs we sang, a gift for us all from the summer auction won by Bob Sockrider this past year.  Being the sentimental person I am brought tears of joy from times gone by as a little girl going to church with my family.  The words were special then, but now the words really spoke to me and I was overwhelmed with the thought of how special words can talk to us through music – the sense of where I have been, where I am now, and the comforting thought of happiness and joy we’ll all share some day.  My heartfelt “thank you” to Bob Sockrider for choosing some of the many songs I sang years ago and cherish even more today. 

            PS:  I was not blessed with the gift to sing, but I try J .

Charlotte Pladies







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